The latest skincare trends unquestionably support picking natural and toxic-free products. People are switching to skincare products that will improve their experiences and are safe to use regularly. So what’s this activated charcoal trend in the skincare industry? Activated charcoal, sometimes known as activated carbon, is a type of carbon that is frequently used for a variety of purposes, including skincare and the filtration of impurities from water and air. What does activated charcoal face wash exactly do to your skin? A charcoal face wash, when used regularly, cleans your skin thoroughly by penetrating your pores. It removes any dirt, oil, and grime stuck in your skin. This leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Let’s see the benefits of using Charcoal Face Wash in this blog.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Face Wash:

It is quite simple to use an activated charcoal face wash that gives numerous benefits to the skin. Despite your skin type or texture, regular usage of this product has several skincare advantages. Learn more about the advantages of utilising an activated charcoal face wash by reading on. You should keep in mind that the composition of the face wash will influence these advantages. It is better to choose an activated charcoal face wash like Hayze, which has no harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens in it.

Here are a few benefits of using Hayze’s Activated Charcoal Face Wash:

Gives Instant Brightness!

With its skin-brightening abilities, an activated charcoal face wash illuminates the deeper skin cells. It gently removes the damaged skin cells to reveal new and healthier cells, completing the exfoliation process. Using it twice a day promotes the production of new skin cells and it enhances your look.

Get a Spotless Glow!

Wide pores may exaggerate the severity of your present skincare concerns. Utilising activated charcoal to treat your skin concerns can help to reduce or unclog pores on the face. To remove impurities, activated charcoal for the face may draw out toxins and bacteria from the skin pores.

Controls excess oil production: 

It may be problematic when skin cells produce too much oil, especially in teens who are already experiencing hormonal imbalances in their faces and bodies. Using a charcoal face cleanser can help to control sebum production and minimise excess oil production.

It removes blackheads effectively! 

You could get blackheads or whiteheads as a result of a mix of dirt, bacteria, and pollution that have accumulated over time. These are blocked skin pores with a hardened inside, and removing such toxins requires a super-effective skin cleanser like activated charcoal.

Deeply cleanses your skin: 

Your skin barrier requires some naturally nourishing nutrients if it is dehydrated. We advise using Hayze’s Face wash which contains activated charcoal to properly cleanse your skin and remove all dirt and pollutants. Also, it effectively removes environmental toxins, dirt, and cosmetic remnants from the skin pores.

Promotes Skin Complexion:

Several dermatologists recommend using charcoal-activated face wash frequently to help you get smoother, more radiant skin. Enhanced antibacterial activities of activated charcoal help in the removal of bacteria from the pores. Also, it helps in minimising acne and dark spots, resulting in a spotless skin complexion.

Reduces Blackheads:

You could get blackheads or whiteheads as a result of a build-up of dust, bacteria, and minor skin conditions that have accumulated over time. It requires a strong face wash, like Hayze’s activated charcoal, to be able to pull out such pollutants from their hard, clogged skin pores.

Soothes skin Inflammation:

With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it also benefits the skin by treating skin infections and killing acne-causing bacteria. Not only does it also reduce acne marks and blackheads, but it also soothes rashes and inflammation, and redness. The charcoal face wash is also effective in hydrating dehydrated skin and the concerns caused by it.

Fights against Acne and Pimples:

Enhanced antibacterial activities of activated charcoal aid in the removal of unwanted microbes from the pores. Also, the other ingredients present in the face wash help improve the texture of your skin and minimise acne and dark spots from the skin.

Introducing Hayze’s Activated Charcoal Face Wash:

Hayze’s Charcoal Face Wash is a concoction of 100% pure activated charcoal and essential herbs and oils. It draws out impurities as well as nourishes and repairs the skin. It’s powered by pure activated charcoal for pulling out deep-settled toxins and dirt on account of exposure to urban pollution (fumes, hydrocarbons, tobacco, and sun radiations). Special essential oils treat spots and give an even skin tone. Its benefits include:

  • Detoxify Skin
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Treats Acne Spots
  • Instant Glow
  • Cleanse oil stuck deep within your pores

No preservatives, No paraben, No harmful chemicals. All the ingredients are 100% Natural and Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Made in India.


It should be noted that other connected factors, including food habits, sleep patterns, anxiety, and sun exposure, may cause some perceived changes in the results. To remove dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants, we advise using face washes and face masks containing activated charcoal and other toxin-free ingredients. Also, using it regularly aids in pore reduction for a spotless appearance.

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