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5 Benefits of Using Toner on Face + How To Use It


Many steps can seem extraneous in the skincare arena, yet each holds importance. One often underestimated step is the use of face toner. This super liquid, far from being a frivolous indulgence, provides several advantages for your skin, from cleansing and moisturizing. The benefits of face toner are multiple, from rectifying the pH balance to preparing the skin for the following steps. Join us as we explore the top five benefits of using Toner on Face and how to include them in your daily skincare routine.

So, What’s Face Toner?

Face toner, often nestled between your cleansing and moisturizing routine, is a secret skincare hero. This fast-penetrating liquid does more than remove dirt, grease, and grime. It revives the skin while addressing specific skin concerns. The face toner uses range from restoring the skin’s pH balance and controlling oil production to enhancing the efficacy of the products applied afterwards. 

But remember, not all toners are the same. Toners are formulated differently, depending on the skin type – some are made for sensitive skin, while others target oil control or hydration. Understanding these skin toner benefits and selecting the right Toner can turn your daily skincare routine from good to great. So, let’s discover the magic of toner use and make it work in our favour.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Face Toner:

Balances the pH Level of the Skin: 

Using a toner is like hiring a personal yoga instructor for your skin – it’s all about balance, baby! That weird tight feeling or oil spill on your face? A game of pH levels gone wild! Enter skin toner benefits, restoring harmony and balance to your skin’s pH. Now, breathe in, breathe out.

Shrinks Pores and Detoxifies the Skin: 

Unleash your inner magician and make those pores disappear! Abracadabra, a toner, can shrink those pores and kick out impurities. Now, who would want to avoid signing up for that magic show? 

Removes Residual Dirt and Makeup: 

Remember the satisfaction of peeling glue off your hands in elementary school? Using a toner is the grown-up version of that! It picks up the leftover dirt and makeup your cleanser missed, leaving your face feeling squeaky clean and oddly satisfying.

Hydrates and Nourishes The Skin: 

Toners are like that glass of water at 3 a.m. – essential, refreshing, and oh-so-satisfying! It hydrates your skin and fills it with goodies like antioxidants and vitamins. It’s like a skincare cocktail minus the hangover.

Prepare skin for the Following Steps in a Skincare Routine: 

Think of Toner as the ultimate hype man for your skin. It prepares the crowd (aka your skin) for the main act (the rest of your skincare routine). So, let’s hear it for toners, the unsung skincare heroes!

How to use Toner?

Alright, team, let’s huddle up and discuss the game plan for applying a spray toner. Trust me; it’s as easy as pie – and just as satisfying.

Cleanse Thoroughly: 

You wouldn’t paint on a dirty canvas, would you? The same goes for your skin. Cleanse your face thoroughly and gently pat dry.

Shake, Shake, Shake: 

Grab your trusty spray toner and give it a good shake – think of it as a pre-skincare dance-off! 

Ready, Aim, Spray! 

Please close your eyes (unless you enjoy an excellent sting), aim the bottle about six inches from your face, and give it a good spritz. Ensure the mist covers your face evenly, like a gentle morning dew.

The Waiting Game: 

Now, let it air-dry. Let your skin sip up the goodness. It is a perfect time to practice your royal wave in the mirror.

Continue the Party: 

Once the Toner is fully absorbed, you can follow it up with the rest of your skincare routine. The Toner sets the stage, and your moisturizer or serum is the main act.

Speaking of skincare routines, wondering when to use a toner. Think of it as a post-cleansing treat before your serums and moisturizers. It’s like an appetizer before the main course. There you go, folks! That’s your toner tutorial in a nutshell. Remember, toning is not a chore; it’s your moment of skincare zen. So, enjoy every spritz, and watch your skin say, “Ahh, that’s what I wanted!” 

Finding the Best Toner For Your Skin:

Skin is like pizza – we all have our favourite type. And just like how you wouldn’t put pineapple on a Margherita (or would you?), not every Toner suits every skin type.

Oily skin? Reach for a toner with ingredients like salicylic acid that can mop up that excess oil. Dry skin? Look for hydrating heroes like hyaluronic acid to quench that skin’s thirst. Combination skin? You lucky devil get to pick and choose based on which areas need what. And sensitive skin, we’ve got you. Look for soothing ingredients like chamomile or aloe vera. 

For those with natural skin (aren’t we all-natural?), you might wonder what your toner match is. Look for gentle, hydrating ingredients. Remember, toners are like good friends – they should lift you, not tear you down. So avoid anything that irritates or dries your skin out.

So folks, in the land of toners, there’s a perfect match for everyone. All you need to do is find your skincare soulmate. Like a romantic comedy, but with better skin at the end! 

Homemade Face Toner? Really?

Oh, yes! Let’s get our hands dirty – or instead, let’s get our skin clean and balanced. Homemade Toner is like home cooking – you know exactly what’s in it. It’s made with love and makes you feel good even if it sometimes doesn’t quite hit the spot like your favourite takeout. 

Let’s talk homemade Toner, green tea (two bags) brewed strong, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and a dash of witch hazel. Mix it all, and you have your homemade Toner! It’s like a witch’s brew for great skin. Remember to test it on your skin first – a happy experiment for some could be a horror story for others. 

Now, a little side note – while homemade toners are a great natural alternative, they may not be as effective as store-bought ones. It’s like comparing a home workout to a fully equipped gym. Both will get you moving, but one might give you more noticeable results. Just something to keep in mind while you brew your potion!


And there you have it, folks! We’ve officially demystified the role of the Toner in the magical world of skincare. The Benefits of using a toner on Face is a game-changer, from balancing your skin’s pH (Toner: the tightrope walker of your face) to prepping your skin for the next step in your routine. But remember, toners are not a one-size-fits-all deal. Whether your skin is as sensitive as a poet’s heart or as oily as a roadside Kulcha, there’s a perfect toner waiting to sweep you off your feet. 

For all you DIY-ers, remember: homemade toners are made with love and natural ingredients. But it might sometimes pack a different punch than store-bought toners. So, why not give the Toner a whirl? Your skin might thank you with a radiance that says, “Hey, I’m living my best life!” And isn’t that what we all want to hear?

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